As an equal can I get this through to you….

Sitting watching Ted Leo & the Pharmacists last night it became obvious. Quality indie bands are more rare than a fat man’s steak. Lookout artist Ted Leo consistently turns out great albums, and put his heart into shows with about 30 people watching him.

I know singer/songwriters will never be playing for huge crowds when they write the kind of music Ted puts out, but I realized that mallkids who like “punk music” will never be exposed to amazing bands. It irks me to think that punk bands like Good Riddance, Screeching Weasel, the Lawrence Arms and Dillinger Four are lumped in with the mall punk that is running rampant at stores like Hot Topic. It seems that all these punk kids are missing out on great bands, because of the punk 101 rules, everyone seems to follow.

So to help you out when you are trying to be a cool punk rocker, I’ll let you in on a secret. The following bands aren’t punk rock:

1) Blink - 182

2) Greenday (anymore)

3) Sum 41

4) Good Charlotte

5) Simple Plan

6) Anyone on Drive-Thru records

7) Offspring (remember how great Ignition was?)

I don’t care if you listen to these bands, that is not the point of this rant. The point is you shouldn’t think you are punk because you listen to these bands. Don’t sew Ramones patches on your messenger bags and hoodies, and pretend to like the Exploited (even the Exploited didn’t like the Exploited). Don’t show up with a mohawk that is constructed of hair gel if your hair can be gelled back into the abercrombie and fitch shag. Basically, don’t think because you and your best friends jump around in the “pit” at a Good Charlotte show, that you can parlay that into punk status. When they ask for a circle pit, and you have no idea… Just take a step back and realize the deal.