Friday night after work, I filtered into Roy Thompson Hall with every other person in Toronto that thought they were the biggest Kevin Smith fan. After watching the A Night with Kevin Smith DVD, I had a pretty good idea of what would go down. Sandwiched among the stupid questions about the Clerks cartoon, and the “will you give me money to help start my movie career” questions, would be some great questions that would let Smith tell amusing anecdotes about his film experience.

The night went as planned. Every comic book geek dropped his two cents about Green Latern, and every two bit director had to praise Kevin for his work before plugging their own film.

However, Smith fought through the stupid questions, and kept the crowd energized for the full 3.5 hours he spoke. How can you go wrong with a man who talks about Wheels and his obsession for Caitlin Ryan? He talked about his wife’s playboy spread, Mewes drug problems, living in Canada. Straight up, like Paula Adbul, the night was fantastic. If the dorks shut the hell up with the “so, um, I liked Clerks comic book, why did you stop?” questions, and let Smith talk about midgets in cars, giant robot movies, ninjas, the mistake of using the Buddy Christ instead of the Bloody Christ (like Mel did), and of course Affleck, nerds would have had to leave to change their drawers.

Lay the podium down