Can The Leafs Win Game 7?!?!?

Who cares. Seriously, people in Toronto should talk about the Leafs more. Ack and I are definitely in the minority in this case: Two Canadian born and raised males living in Toronto that don't care whether the Leafs win or lose.

Don't get me wrong, I'm still a Canadian, I like hockey. But a lot of Torontonians don't really like hockey, they like the Leafs. They like saying they like the Leafs. They like the Leafs because everyone else likes the Leafs. There's nothing wrong with rooting for the home team, but it could be taken down a notch. There's no need to act like you've personally won the cup after the Leafs win game one in the opening round.

But enough of that, there's all kinds of fun stuff going on in Sports. The NFL draft is this weekend. Which mystery man will the Saints select? Will they confound me again this year. Will the Steelers make me happy by inducing an Acker spaz with their pick. Who sucks more, the Jays or the Rangers (Clearly the Jays right now with the 2nd worst record in the majors second to only the Expos)? Why is Thierry Henry the best player you've ever seen, read about, or even heard about? You can keep the Leafs, these are the important sports stories here at the hill.

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