Halifax rocks the hardest…and you know it!

Most of the time I enjoy living here in Toronto. Despite having to deal with insane traffic, LA-esque smog in the summer, nutters on the subway, the lack of Donairs, no Schooner beer, and ultimate Frisbee, Toronto has some good points. Like today I took the day off to see the Blue Jays home opener, not something I could do in Halifax. The Jays did lose 7-0 to the Tigers, but still, couldn't do it in Halifax.

But I still get homesick for Haltown every now and again, and I try to keep up with goings on down there via the net or my friends and fam. So I’m pleased when I see fellow Nova Scotians making good on the national scene. It gives me a chance to say “He/she/they are from Nova Scotia you know” to all my Upper Canadian acquaintances. Always good to remind them that Canada doesn’t stop at Quebec. It’s so much fun for me that I thought I’d extend the practice to this site and tell all of you about my Halifax encounters this week.

Yesterday after watching the Raptors get fed again (you would’ve thought Kareem and the Big O were still on the Bucks), Petra and I ducked into the Champs on Yonge across from the Eaton Centre to get out of the ridiculous April cold snap. I was looking around near the front of the store while Petra was in line. There was a dude that looked really familiar in that way people from TV do when you see them in real life. You know that you know who they are, but you don’t actually know them. But when I saw the huge dagger sideburns I realized it was Ricky (Robb Wells) from Trailer Park Boys. Then I saw Julian (John Paul Tremblay) paying for something at the cash register. He was wearing a black Notre Dame pro-fit (detail included for Acks benefit) but he didn't have a rum & coke in his hand, which would’ve been gold. There was a blonde dude behind Julian in a one of those retro Nike jackets with the old logo. Yessir, it was Bubbles (Mike Smith) sans glasses and slick-do. He was as cool as you’d expect. His cell phone rang - "Hey, what's up sexy. I'm just at Champs buying a black velour tracksuit". He was indeed buying a black velour tracksuit.

Apparently they were in town to do some promotion for their new season. They finished their shopping and chatted with a few people on the way out. I’m happy to say they seemed like nice, down to earth guys. Ricky even gave some advice to one of the sales guys who asked how to get started in the biz: “We just bought a cheap ass video camera and started filming, if you have talent just go ahead and do it yourself”. I was going to tell them how much I enjoyed the episode where Ricky rented the Donair spit, but they were heading out the door. Nonetheless, it was good to see to see the boys and I’ll be tuning in to the new season. They’re from Halifax you know.

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