It gets no better

Video games continue to evolve. As I get older, they get more confusing. I lost in a game of hockey on the Game Cube to an 11 year old. It wasn't pretty. It got me to thinking:
a) is it wrong that I was talking trash to a kid, and ended up losing?
b) was there ever a better video game then nintendo super tecmo bowl?

Nintendo had the formula, just like the D.O.C.. Two buttons, none of this L2, triple Z, X, O just to call a play, that has more fakes than Kevin McHale in the post, when all you want to do is an off tackle run. I can remember sitting down playing the original Tecmo. Four plays, too easy. If it was 3rd and long, you had a 50% chance of guessing the right play and sacking the shit out of your opponent. Then Super Tecmo came out. The top of my head blew right off. Eight plays, importing playbooks, switching player positions, stats; the game had it all. Plus Andre Rison was on fire (unlike in real life, where it was his house that was in flames). He had a play that was legit. 50 yards guaranteed.

So many kickass features. Fly off tackle, and get grabbed by a swarming LB. All of a sudden, you are tied up and the battle began. Mashing the sh%t out of the A button. You either ate turf, or tossed a LB ten yards in the air and kept moving. Manhood was proven, with each battle.

Then, as you faded back to pass downfield, you expected a completion, or the incomplete pass. What the deuce, your players left the screen in some Ninja Gaiden type sh%t, and flew to the top of the Earth, years before Neo and that Agent Smith tried to bite the style. You had no idea what would happen. Interception or watching the CB lunge at the ball, only to miss, and you knew you were about to school your opponent.

We played that game, for over 5 years. It was the most competitive times me and my friends ever had. Each game was life or death. There was no worse feeling than watching as you called the play, your line smashed over the helpless O-line, only to have Montana throw a 9 yard slant to Rice. It was unstoppable.

But there was also no better feeling than running down field after your DL picked up a fumble, watching tacklers get obliterated as you ran triumphantly towards the goal line. You and your opponent knew that he wasn't getting stopped. Of course, this was much like watching Okoye on offense, but as a result of years of anger and frustration, I can't really discuss him.

You might be thinking this is some metaphor for old vs. new, technology getting too complex. Nope. This is just stating a fact. Super Tecmo is the best sports game ever created.

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