The Leafs have won the ... 1st Round

What a great night. Had some dinner, had a rich, delicious Jockey Club beer, and was reading in bed. All of a sudden, I looked out to see what I thought was the St. Paddy's day parade heading down Spadina. Then I remembered that St. Paddy's day and the green beer had past. The Leafs must have won game 7.

Car loads of drunken idiots, barreling down Spadina, honking their horns like Jesus had returned. Can people really care that much? I think not. The Leafs held on to win a series they were favoured to win. As Firken pubs all over Toronto cranked up "We are the champions" by Queen until the speakers almost blew, Toronto was swelled up with pride. We did it! We made the conference SEMI-FINALS!

To me, all this means is I have to sit through another 7 game series (not 7 games, as I imagine the Flyers could enter the Briar with the amount of broom work they will be doing) with everyone at my office wearing Maple Leaf jerseys. More flags on cars, more obnoxious comments and more comments about how the Leafs sum up everything about our national sport (oh wait, Toronto, Lacrosse is out national sport).

So thanks go out to the Toronto Maple Leafs. Thanks for another week we can focus on Sundin's injuries, Tucker's grit, and how bad "we" beat the Sens. It will help us ignore the trivial issues of the world like the war in Iraq, the assassination of political leaders, and the Dalai Lama's visit. So to you, I raise my glass. You have almost made me wish the TV was still filled with Reality TV.

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