Let your freek flag fly... LOSERS

Seriously. What is the deal? I am new to the Teedot, so new I didn't even know what the Teedot meant. Needless to say, I had no idea that around playoff time, Toronto faked an identity of a contender. Toronto, you need to relax. Every moron decides, just before the puck drops in game one, that the Leafs are the reason their hearts beat. Every car sports not one, but two of those obnoxious flags that rip through the wind, and create sounds like the soundstage of the movie Twister.

I know what you will all say. You have to support your team in the playoffs. Sure, of course. But, supporting the hell out of the Leafs is like a 95 pound weakling walking around the school yard trying to pick fights. For a team that gets played on every Saturday night (HN in C), spends mad loot to recruit every washed up player the Rangers overlook and somehow became the symbol of Canada, I would like to think you would win once, before talking such trash. The only cups in the Leafs future, are the ones they will take off after losing in the first or second round, before picking up the clubs for a long golf season.

Now, let's also talk about the rivalry between the Sens and the Leafs. It is made out to be as heated as the relations between Michael Moore and the NRA. In reality, it is a 1st round playoff series between two teams who crap out like a degenerate gambler. The emotion, the national pride! How is the nations pride wrapped up in a bunch of losers that haven't won jack?

So Leafs fans, this is my plea. Enjoy the playoffs, by all means, but relax. Don't drive up and down Yonge honking your horns like Canada scored a goal in the World Cup just because Tucker ran over Hossa. Let's keep it hush hush until they make the Conference finals, then who knows, maybe they can sneak a Cup for all you morons tro rub on out into and take a big drink from.

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