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As I’m sure you know, Bobby Brown news is always news here at herohill. Bobby is in the midst of filming his own reality show. If I owned a television network, I would do whatever it took to get this show on the air. I don’t see how it could be anything other than comic gold. It would make the Osbournes look like the Seaver family from Growing Pains. It would be like that Newlyweds show with Jessica Simpson, except with people who can actually sing. But with way more drugs. And domestic violence. Who wouldn’t watch that?

In that story, they describe a dinner they filmed for the show where the Brown-Houston family was accompanied to the restaurant by the family dog and a representative of Whitney’s rehabilitation facility. Is she rehabbing at the church of Scientology? Why would her drug counselor go to dinner with them? I will admit that I’ve never been to Atlanta and perhaps fancy restaurants there are the prime spot to score drugs.

Whitney: “Pass the salt…and the horse tranquilizers”
Rehabilitation Facility Representative: “Salt yes, horse tranquilizer, no”
Whitney: “You’re right, thank god you’re here.”

Hopefully Bobby gets his show out in time to catch the reality TV wave before it crashes into the shore and impales all those survivor dweebs and conceited bachelors on the 15 minutes of fame rocks. Bobby knows it worked for Ozzy, and he can’t even speak English. I think this show will also prove that Whitney is the crazy one and that’s she’s been holding him back. So all you powerful TV executives who read herohill on a daily basis need to get to work – get this show on the air.

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