One Last Leaf Shot and Our Favourite Emergency

It seems we've been talking an awful lot about the Leafs for a couple of guys who claim not to care about them. But it's pretty hard not to talk about them here, EVERYONE in T.O. is talking about them right now. So here's one last (well maybe not last...) Leaf observation: this morning while I was walking to the subway, I saw a Jaguar with 2 Leaf flags flying from its back windows. Now I'm not much of a car guy, but this seemed to be too much. The Leaf flags really do look out of place on a Jaguar. If you can afford a Jaguar perhaps you should just buy another car and paint it blue & white and put a huge maple leaf right on the hood.

On a different note, I thought I'd let our loyal readers know about herohill's current favourite band that has 'emergency' in it's name. I know there's a ton of bands I could be referring too, but I'm sure you savvy people have already guessed that I'm talking about Haltown's own Joel Plaskett Emergency. Ack and I caught them in concert last Friday at Lee's Palace and there was a healthy amount of rockin' out going on. Now I know you might be thinking that we're giving them the 'favourite band that has emergency in it's name' title because we went to high school with Joel and his bass player Ian McGettigan, but no. We don't play favourites at the hill, that title is well earned. And Ian's shaved head mullet-nub haircut certainly didn't hurt their cause. So check out Joel & co. if you haven't already.

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