This just in... another celebrity drama

As we continue to celebrate the Chinese Year of the Monkey, has decided to start their own calendar. The first year, we have deemed the "Year of the Is Anyone Surprised by this". Flipping through the headlines, can we really be surprised that Pee-Wee Herman was arrested for possession of illegal pornography? That was about as shocking as finding out Gary Glitter was not on the up and up. I mean, innocent until they cart 100,000 pictures of little Greek boys posing as statues of course, but I have to say Pee-wee's playhouse was a sex crime waiting to happen.

Only slightly less shocking was Paul Hornung saying Notre Dame needed to dumb down the requirements in an effort to get more of the "black athletes" into Notre Dame to help the football team win. Was it a shock to see a former Irishman, still refer to African Americans as "the black athlete" and continue with the stereotype that any "black" athlete is not smart enough to get into a good school? I am sure he sits around with Rudy talking about heart, the option, and trying to go back to the days of wearing leather helmets when the field was only populated by good, hard-working white boys.

Each day, the press hounds track down stories, and the masses react with pure shock. "Jacko is on trial again for molesting a child?" "Scott Weiland got busted for drugs?" "A sheltered teenage superstar has become laden with controversy?" Why is anyone surprised by the actions of athletes and celebrities anymore? They are granted stacks of get out of jail free cards, and are basically rewarded for any lapse in judgment by increased record sales, or a bigger contract. Your career is failing? Shit, Tommy Lee is single, start hanging out with him. He is always good for a few shots in the media. Now that I think about it, so is Selma Bouvier. It worked for Troy McLure. We have become obsessed by watching successful people fail. People don't care about real world issues, maybe because the world is such a mess right now, but William Hung's record deal is the first topic at the watercooler day in and day out. We all know that celebrities and athletes are press whores, and the press only wants to cover the mishaps of society, so what else can we really expect to happen? Stop glamorising the events, and focus on the celebs that are actually doing things to help society, and maybe, we won't be so accepting of what is going on.

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