It just gets worse

Day in and day out, the war the US is fighting continues to get worse. Rules are being broken, innocent people are dying and for what? There isn't much point in outlining the horrible things that dubya has done and why he has done them. There are thousands of sites, written by people who know much more than I do about the situation.

Sadly, information released this weekend sticks in my mind. Story after story showed how wrong this war is. However, the US found a horse they could latch their propaganda cart to, and it was the Pat Tillman story. A pro football player, giving up millions and his life for the country he believes in. Say what you want about this war, but making the choice to die for your country and give up millions of dollars is something very few people would do.

Tillman was glorified for his choice, and his death. The government and the media finally had a story that they could put a positive spin on. For a brief time, people could focus on something positive about the war. It was the story that could make people proud to be American.

It has now been determined that Tillman was killed by friendly fire. In confusion after a landmine exploded, with no enemy troops in the area. Another useless death. I am not sure that this is the forum for me to express my thoughts and views on such a controversial subject, but I can't help but wonder how much worse it can get, before it goes to far to recover from, or the retaliation rips the US apart.

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