hello, I'd like some love.. Oh, you're a cop

I came across a story today about yet another celebrity getting busted for soliciting the sex from a prostitute. Before I go into detail, seriously, this yutz said, I felt like Hugh Grant. Hoss, let's take a trip to Reality. You are some guy from and 80's British boy band. All that entitles you to is a cameo on any "British Idol" show, or a Celebrity big brother appearance. Comparing yourself to Hugh is a little over the top. That's like me saying, I smoked pot, so I feel like Snoop Dogg. Same sport, but a hole different ballpark. I'm sure when your track was rippin up the British air waves, you were doing alright with the ladies, but no matter what, Hugh probably doesn't drive around on a moped and ask for "a little suck".

Seriously, haven't celebs learned anything from Hugh Grant, George Michael, Eddie Murphy, or that loser doctor from Ed? Don't do your own dirty work. You will get busted. You are rich, you have more hangers-on than a hairy man's ass. Get someone else to do it for you. This seems like it should be pretty straight forward knowledge. Plus, let's be honest. There are enough people that would cut off an arm to get a sniff of a celebrities undergarments that you probably don't have to reduce yourself to paying for it. Jebus, I am sure that Pauly Shore can still get his, so anyone can.

So celebs, just a little from me to you insight. If you want to cops drugs, sex or an illegally pirated CD. Get one of your lackeys to do it. Break him off some loot, and rest easy, if he gets busted, you won't be embarrassed in the papers.

The more you know.....

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