"There are a lot of f*&king; nerds here"

I looked around the venue last night, and saw some interesting sites. I saw a man wearing a denim shirt, tucked into his shorts, with black socks and sandals. No I wasn't at the beach with my dad, I was at the Decemberists show at Lee's palace. It was truly a night for artistic, unco-ordinatated dorks to revel in the fact they could be perceived as cool.

The opening act, The Long Winters played a strong set (including car parts, shapes and an obscure John Vanderslice cover that blew my mind). Unfortunately, they forgot to cut the lead singer's mic between songs. At points, his banter actually made even his band mates want to leave.

Up next was the Decemberists. As we all waited for them to take the stage, the Russian anthem crackled through the speakers. The lady beside me glanced around and bluntly declared, "there are a lot of f*&king; nerds here". Truer words had never been said. I looked to see my left and saw a man wearing skin tight pants, with a kickass mullet. To my right, was a man in a full blazer and an ascot.

As they set up the stage, I saw more instruments than in most marching bands. A gong, slide guitar, accordian, chimes, stand-up bass... yes they had and played it all. That being said, they put on a great show. Playing songs from each of their albums, they ripped through their set, that included a duel between the accordian player and Mr. Meloy on his acoustic. He awkwardly played through the set, smiling the whole time. It seemed fitting that he joked about stage diving, and as he turned to go back to the mic, he stumbled and kicked over his beer.

Suddenly, the mood changed. Colin reached for his electric guitar. Only one thing could follow. They were about to launch into their 15 minute rock opera based on the classic poem "The Tain". The nerds had reached Nirvana. As they blasted through the song, the guitar strap broke and Colin's guitar and his guitar crashed to the ground. It seemed fitting to see him struggle through his performance, laughing and smiling. One would think that the little hiccups took away from the show, when in fact, they helped make it great. In a time where we have Slash talking about how great Toronto "pussy" is and rockstars play shows without cracking a smile or caring about the music they play, it was refreshing to see a band fumble through a set, full of smiles and giving the show the crowd wanted to see.

As Colin came out for his encore, he apologized and told the crowd that taking requests would be the only way he could make up for all his mistakes. As the rest of the band filtered back on to accompany him, I can honestly say I have never been to a show where a plump man with flowers tattoed on his forearm walked through the crowd, playing a marching drum while wearing a Castro style beard. Couple that with the fact they followed that with a Smiths cover .

As the fans stumbled home, I can just imagine the pure delight in the fans heat as they wrote: "Dear Diary, the Decemberists are amazing".

@ 9:01 AM, naedoo kicked the following game:

ha HA, so I guess we're to assume that Ack is seperating himself from the nerds at this show.


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