WTF Is Wrong With People...Vol 2

Here it is people, the eagerly anticipated second installment of my series WTF Is Wrong With People. In case you missed the first installment, the premise is pretty simple: I whine about things people do that bother me, you agree wholeheartedly, and we share a nice little bonding moment. So let's get to it.

If you live or work in Toronto, chances are you've ridden the rocket. For those of you who aren't reppin' Hogtown like us, the Rocket is the nickname for the subway here. I ride the subway to work everyday and take it downtown very frequently. It's a very simple subway line and most of the time it's quite efficient, so my beef isn't with the line itself. It involves my fellow subway passengers and their inability to grasp the idea of waiting for people to get off the train before they get on. Day after day I see the train doors open and the people on the platform pile on like it was the last train out of New York before it was flash flooded like in that Day After Tomorrow movie.

Now I could understand if we were in Bombay or Tokyo, places where trains are absolutely rammed with people. But very rarely are the subway trains here even close to being that crowded. There is no need for chuckleheads to tear through the door to try and get a seat. What's more, we're in the mecca of politeness that is Canada, and you'd think people would show a little more courtesy to their fellow commuters. But most have no time for courtesy. Time after time I arrive at my stop to see people waiting behind the glass doors like sprinters, waiting for the annoying bell the accompanies the opening doors to act as their starter pistol. They race by me and I sense that most feel I've caused them a great inconvenience by getting off at the precise moment they're trying to board the train.

So here's the deal people, if you're going to board a subway, don't be a dick. Let the people exiting the train get off before you stuff your seat-loving ass on there. Don't forget that you'll be in their shoes at some point too. Unless you're the drunk guy from the Labatt's commercial who rides the train all night, you'll be getting off shortly, and you don't want to be mashed into when you take your leave.

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