Monday, September 27, 2004

Any given Sunday is given me headaches

Originally, football sunday was filled with up and downs, watching to see if the Steelers could overpower the suckness that is no defense and a former XFL MVP/insurance salesman at the helm. Then you throw Proline into the mix. The stupidest system ever, that for some reason I decided I could be good at. My logic was simple... "the Colts are better than Jacksonville, I will take the Colts to win".

Foolish me, I didn't take into account that Peyton can't throw in a cross breeze that ranges between 3 and 6 miles per hour, and I also neglected to realize that Jacksonville has covered the spread when they take the field more than 15 minutes before the opponents in seven of the last eight games. So as Leftwich throws a meaningless two-point conversion Indy fails to cover the spread and my ticket is yarbage.

This year, I dropped the Proline, and went with fantasy football. Fantasy football is roughly the equivalent to the Chinese Water torture. Every play in every game is important. Stopping a runner for 79 yards as opposed to 80 means 1 less point. A meaningless interception at the end of the half on a hail mary, well there goes two more points.

No longer can I just worry about games I have bet on, or teams I need to win. Now I have to worry about games involving any of my players, any of the games involving players I am playing against, Steeler games, games involving people in the Steeler's division and making sure the Saints suck it up (but throw to Donte). Like Chris Martin, the stress of this daunting task is making my hair fall out. Luckily I snuck out a 2 pt win to move to 2-1. So for this week, fantasy football is the greatest thing in the world, but I have some important players with bye weeks this week, so the stress is coming back.

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