Big Mac: For a Limited Time Only

Herohill was saddened to see Winnipeg native Todd MacCulloch retire from the NBA. It wasn't exactly a surprise, Todd missed all of last year with his foot ailment and there was talk then that they might not be able to cure it. He has a foot disorder that may or may not be something called Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease which causes his foot to tingle and become numb, and as a result it affects his balance. You know it's bad when they are so stumped about what the problem with your foot is that they give it a made up name like 'Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease'. I think all of Canada (and Sixers fans) were hoping that somehow he could overcome the problem, but after trying numerous unsuccessful fixes for the problem. Todd has decided to retire.

It's a shame to see him retire so early for a number of reasons. The biggest one for Canada is obviously the impact it has on our national team. We're hurting for big men and losing Todd leaves us without a world class centre. Until Jamaal Magloire decides to play for Canada, we really don't have any quality big men. You can count the number of Canadians playing in the NBA on one hand, so we don't need them retiring due to unknown foot diseases. But it's also a shame to see Todd retire because he actually seems like a nice guy. He has a clever sense of humor and he seemed to appreciate the opportunity he was given to make a living playing basketball. It's too bad it had to end at age 28, but he does have a guaranteed contract that will pay him 15 million bucks or something for the next 3 years, so at least he'll be secured financially. The good people of Winnepeg must also be sad knowing they will probably never ever produce an NBA player.

Herohill salutes you Todd, thanks for the memories. We'll always remember the time you (and, uh, a guy named Nash) lead Canada to the Olympics in 2000.

Oh yeah, Rick Fox also retired and I think he was Canadian at one point, but who really cares.

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