Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Montreal Expos: 1969-2004

Au revoir Les Expos. It finally over, the Expos have played their final home game losing 9-1 to the Marlins in front of a crowd of some 32,000 people. Fitting that the last crowd to watch them was smaller than their first ever crowd of some 49,000 people in 1969. It's also fitting that the winning pitcher for the Marlins was Carl Pavano, a former Expo. The exodus from Montreal that has taken place over the last decade is the one of the main reasons that the team will now be leaving as well.

The Expos came into existance 5 years before I was born, so they've been around my entire life. Seeing them leave will certainly be the end of an era. Reading Mike and Marios' excellent posts detailing their Expo memories shows you the impact the team had on sports loving Canadian kids. It's too bad generations to come will only have the Jays to count on, they might never be good again.

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At 8:39 AM, Blogger Mike did sayeth:

You're right, it is a shame. As I watched the game last night I couldn't help thinking about the times my father took me to Montreal to watch the Expos, and how I won't be able to do that with any kids that I have in the future. I really felt bad for the lady that was interviewed who has attended every Expos home game since 1977. She must be very bitter that nobody did anything to save her team. That's the sad thing - nobody of importance in Montreal, including the government, did anything meaningful to try to keep the team. The city worked very hard to get this franchise back in the 60's, and put little effort into keeping it from leaving. This is a sad day not only for Expos fans, but for Canadian culture.


At 10:59 AM, Blogger mario did sayeth:

I don't know what's sadder...the Expos leving or the thought of Mike having kids...


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