Thanks for the Memories F.P

Following up on what Mike had written about the Expos, I feel I need to have my say. I have been a die hard Expos fan all my life. I even watched games this year when they were 40 games under .500. But, I will forever have many Expos memories and hope that the Washington team sucks!
I loved the Expos of the 1980's. As Mike eluded to, Tim "Rock" Raines, he was the "Rock" before the wrestling "Rock" came along. Hubey Brooks had a large ass, Tim Burke had a huge gray haired mullet and couldn't close games for crap. Gary "the Kid" Carter was one of my fav's, I clearly remember when he came back to the team in the 90's and hit a double in his last ever game. It's good to see that he's in the Hall of Fame wearing an Expos cap.
F.P Santangelo was my all-time favorite Expo. (Pascual Perez is close). F.P only had a brief career with the Expos but was one of those "hustle" players. He was a rookie at the age of 30 and actually had a good rookie season. He wore number 7, which made me pick that number for my jersey for the Fairview Carroll Pontiacs.
I remember the 22 inning game loss to the Dodgers, watching it with Mike, eating snacks from Super Mike's. We were young and carefree, besides losing the games 1-0, I remeber being mad because the Expos ran out of relievers. They brought in Dennis Martinez, who at the time had 17 wins. He took the loss and didn't win a game for the rest of the season, he could have been a 20 game winner.
The 1994 season has been talked about so many times..."what could have been..." I am sick of hearing about it, it still makes me sad. Not because they were kicking ass, but during that summer I was living in Quebec. I remember the excitement, all the talk on t.v and radio was about the Expos. I remember going to several games at the Big O, going to bars and watching games, Quebecers united cheering on Alou, Walker, Lansing, Grissom, Floyd, Deshields, Rojas, Wetteland, Hill, Martinez, etc... The team was stacked.
So they sold their players, but fans weren't coming out. The talk of a new outdoor stadium had me excited for awhile, but that never panned out.
Another sad memory I have is the summer of 2002. The Expos were contending, only 5 games out of first at the all-star break. I was leaving for Greece and excited to hear the Expos traded for Cliff Floyd and Bartolo Colon. Over the summer I had no means to follow baseball, but upon my return to Canada the Expos had fallen to .500 and far of of first place. And now they are gone. (Shane did get married during that time)
I will watch their final home game tonight. I will have many memories, I have the old school tapes to keep my memories alive. I will forever hate Tim Wallach (he was a whiner) but I am happy to hear that Youppi will not be out of work. He is a celebrity, if he doesn't catch on in Washington, many Quebec businesses want to buy his rights because he is known and would make a great pitchman.
Now, if only Quebecers loved the Expos like the love Youppi...

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