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It appears that Major League Baseball is finally ready to announce a new home for the Montreal Expos. Since Bud Selig never did get back to me about my proposed plan to move the franchise to Fairview, I'll assume that we won't be seeing the Expos play at W.D. Piercey Field. Hey, moving the team to the old neighborhood is no worse an idea than Puerto Rico was!

Since the team is on the move, I can't help but get a little sentimental as I think back about my favorite Expos season. No, it wasn't 1994. The memories of that season only bring sadness, for I know the Expos would have been World Series Champs that year. I was a bit too young to remember 1981, but I'm sure that season also brings painful memories for many fans, and inspired Bob Geldof to write the song "I Don't Like Mondays".

My favorite Expos team was Buck Rodger's 1989 club. This team may not stand out in every sports fan's memory, but it was my favorite due to the colorful cast of characters that hung out at the Big-O that summer. Who could forget Hubey, Spike, Zane, The Rock, The Cat, and El Presendente. There were guys who didn't have cool names too...Wallach, Gross, Frey, Foley, Burke, and Santovenia. The one player who defined this '89 squad though was Pascual Perez. I'll never forget the way he would celebrate every single strikeout as if he had set some new record, how he would be sitting in the dugout before his teammates had officially caught a flyball for the third out of the inning, how he made opposing batters look ridiculous as he struck them out with his eephus pitch.

Oh, that lovable bunch of losers. I'll always remember how they held first place in the NL East for 43 straight days that summer, and then ended up fourth in the division at the end. I also witnessed the Expos make one of the worst trades in sports history that year when they sent future 5 time Cy Young Award winner Randy Johnson to Seattle in exchange for rent-a-pitcher Mark Langston who spent all of 4 months in an Expos uniform before leaving as a free agent.

My fondest memory of that special season was watching a game on August 23 with a true Expos fan, Mario, in his basement. Rick Dempsey homered in the 22nd inning to break a scoreless tie and give the Dodgers a 1-0 win. The best part of that game was when Expos mascot Youppi was dancing on the Dodger's dugout and Tommy Lasorda freaked out at him. Classic baseball moment for me.

Goodbye Youppi. I'll miss you.

@ 9:07 AM, naedoo kicked the following game:

Ahh, the Expos, it is sad to see them finally move away. If only they would move to Fairview. Even if W.D. Piercey wasn't available, with a little modification they could play at FJHS field, the former home of the Fighting English.

I feel the need to mention two other Expos not on that 89 team. Andre Dawson: The Hawk. One of the classic nicknames in my opinion. Claude Raymond: the guy who signed Shawn's glove.


@ 9:18 AM, ack kicked the following game:

Well said. The only thing that could have made those losers even cooler would be having Gary Carter, rocking his white mans fro and the batting helmet with no flaps.


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