Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Vin Weasel

In a totally unexpected development, Vince Carter has demanded to be traded from the Raptors. We'll have to sarcastically file that under "Wow, didn't see that one coming". Everyone has been talking about this for the entire summer, the Raptors worst kept secret you might say. But Vince kept us on a need to know basis and would tell us "when the time was right". But really, that told us all we needed to know. Vince was tired of taking responsibility for the Raptors suckiness and wanted to be on the first thing smoking back to the U-S of A. But he didn't want the fans to stay away from his charity game and his basketball camp here in Toronto, so he didn't say anything even though we all knew.

But I have news for Vinny, that will probably be the last charity game he hosts. Wherever he goes, he won't have the fans in the palm of his hand like he did here. The Leaf-crazed fans here fell in love with the high flying Vince who dunked on everyone and everything. The fans in his new city are going to expect to see that Vince. But they'll get jump shot Vince, and they'll get tired of him quickly. It'll never be like it was for him here, he can ask T-Mac or even Damon Stoudamire for that matter.

So that's it, the Vince Carter era is over in Toronto I'd say. He might start the season with the Raps, but unless they take the league by storm I'm sure they'll unload him. The damage is done now, so they should take the first quality offer they get for him. As Raptor season ticket holders, Herohill wants to Vince to be careful that the door doesn't hit him on the ass on the way out. It might hurt his knee. Hopefully it will lead to a renaissance for Jalen, and he and CB4 will lead the Raps to the playoffs. Perhaps they will bring back Jalen's Fab 5 teammate and former Raptor Jimmy King. Who knows what the Raps will look like. I do know this: we don't need Vince to enjoy NBA basketball.

I think it will actually be a good thing, people in Toronto will have to stop blaming Vinsanity for everything that goes wrong with the Raptors. But even the diehard Vince fans will have to watch the Raptors, there's no other game in town. The hockey strike means they won't be able to worship at the church of the Maple Leafs for a long time.

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At 7:20 AM, Blogger Mike did sayeth:

In my opinion, this is the best thing that could happen to the Raptors. I am no NBA expert, but I know enough about sports in general to know that Vince is not the leader that this team needed him to be. Get a few good quality players or draft picks for him and move on. Vince is about as durable as a wet paper bag, and now season ticket holders in other cities can get excited about possibly getting 30 or so games a year out of him. The Raptors should thank him for requesting a trade because the team will be much better off without him.


At 5:24 PM, Blogger mario did sayeth:

The recent signing of Matt Bonner should fill the Vincanity void as well


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