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The 2004 baseball season ended Sunday for the Blue Jays on a sad note. A game that should have been remembered as Carlos Delgado's last game with the Jays was over-shadowed by the shocking news that former Jays pitcher and current colour commentator John Cerutti passed away in his sleep the night before. Everyone my age and older who follows baseball in Canada remembers Cerutti from the Blue Jay glory days of the late 80's and early 90's. Like me I'm sure their face brightens when they hear names form that time: Mullniks, Iorg, Felix, Henke, Stieb, Bell, Fernandez, and yes, Cerutti. It was truly sad to hear of his passing. Not only due to his time as a player, but I think he was a fine announcer and I enjoyed his work the last few years on Jays telecasts. But most shocking was the fact that he was only 44 years old and leaves behind a wife and 3 children. It's a very tough situation and I'm sure he will be missed by the Blue Jays organization and fans alike.

As I mentioned above, Sunday was all but certainly Carlos Delgado's last game in a Jays uniform. Lucky for him he won't have to wear those ugly black and 'graphite' unis anymore. Regardless of what you think of him and his enormous contract, Delgado's exit does signify the end of an era. He was part of a group of young players, guys like Shawn Green, Shannon Stewart, and Alex Gonzalez, asked to re-create the Jays success after the world titles and the 94 strike. Carlos never brought the Jays back to the heights they reached pre-strike, but management mistakes, baseball finances going haywire, and the Jays consistent lack of pitching probably made it impossible for him. His name isn't all over the Jays record book for nothing, he was the Jays best player for a decade and he also made a real effort to help in the community. He was the most recognizable Blue Jay in a town that has turned a bit of a blind eye to the Jays in the last few years. So I wish nothing but the best for Carlos, and I'll clap for him when he comes up to the plate at the Dome for his new team.

Unless it's the Yankees...

@ 8:38 AM, Mike kicked the following game:

I too thought that Cerutti was a very good analyst. I thought it was strange that Rob Fauls was by himself as I watched Sundays game on TV, and was sad to hear the tragic news later that day. I remember watching Ceruti pitch a gem in the first game that I ever attended at Skydome back in '89. Sad story indeed.
It is a shame that Delgado has to go. You're correct, he did conduct himself with a lot of class, something that's becoming rare with the players of today. The truth is that 30HR/100RBI players were hard to come by 20 years ago, but now they're not. The salary that Delgado will command can't be justified when the team has many areas to address, and a 30/100 player can be picked up for much less.


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