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No, not Blue Jay fever, that is long since finished. I am talking about the slight glimmer of hope the Red Sox have given baseball fans in the last two games. I know baseball etiquette dictates you shouldn't talk about a no-hitter during the game, just like I shouldn't talk about the Red Sox actually coming back.

The main reason I am posting is because I don't think they can win four straight games. To be honest, I think they have more talent. That being said, I'd love for the Sox to finally beat them if only so I never have to hear about the Curse again.

It is very much like the political race going on in the US. The Yankees are like Dubya. They have a plan, they have the money and for as many people that hate them for that, there are just as many that love them for that reason.

The Sox are pulling a Kerry. They come off as hard working, and people forget they have a huge payroll backing them, but for some reason we just want them to win. It will be better for America, and for fans everywhere. We love their blue collar nicknames, and everyone wants to "Cowboy Up" or whatever stupid chant they are using now.

Unfortunately, just like I think Dubya will pull Osama out of a cell on Nov. 1st, I think the Yanks will end all our hope in Game 6. But I must say, these last two games have provided us with some excitement.

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