Chubby Checks Out

I had a few laughs recently when I learned that Chubby Checker was coming to Dartmouth, Nova Scotia to perform a concert. I couldn't imagine anybody wanting to spend money to hear Chubby do "The Twist" and "Let's Twist Again." How long of a show would that be...four or five minutes? Oh sorry, I forgot about "Limbo Rock" which takes the total time to around seven minutes. The part that really made me laugh though was when I heard Chubby had cancelled the show due to poor ticket sales. From what I've heard there were about 1000 tickets sold for this concert. Chubby, if even 20 people are willing to pay to watch your fat ass twist I suggest you take it.

This guy really thinks a lot of himself. He has even asked the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to erect a statue of him in the courtyard at the museum entrance. I should note that Chubby isn't even a member of the Hall of Fame, and if he were it would take pretty much all the integrity out of it. It would be the same equivalent as having Los Del Rio, the creator of "The Macarena" a member. That's all it was Chubby - a dance craze. You didn't even write the song. None of that comes close to topping an interview that he did with Rolling Stone Magazine though in which he declared himself the most important figure in the history of rock and roll. Apparently he doesn't realize that he's about as important to rock and roll history as The Bay City Rollers are.

Here's my advice to you Chubby: enjoy any kind of success that you can still milk out of this because you've left no legacy and when the baby boomer generation is gone you will be forgotten. The great music left behind by the true legends of your generation will live on, but nobody will have a clue what your stupid dance is or how to do it you old, stupid, arrogant jerk.

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