The Curse

Hot damn. The Sox finally broke the curse. I thought I'd be happy. I'm not. My apathy rose to an astonishingly high level the day after the Yankees lost. For the last week I have had to read story after story about how the Curse is over, and the Sox winning the championship will change all these super fans lives. Apathy turned into frustration.

Well they did. They won it all. Now the papers are inundated with stories about super fans who have waited for this day to come for their whole lives. Hey, guess what? If you scrap the Braves, the Yankees and a few other teams from the list, we are all in the same boat. Actually you guys are the first lifeboats off the Titanic where as most fans are trapped below deck. The Sox have the cash, and the draw to buy high priced free agents, and compete every year. Not too many baseball teams do. I am a Rangers fan. I have basically come to grips with the fact we will never win a championship. It's called real life. We tried to buy a team, we failed, and we basically ruined ourselves.

Now I understand you are a team that is rich in tradition, and have had some bad breaks. I desperately wanted you to beat the Yankees. However, now that you have, you are just another team that spends huge cash and consistently does better than my team. To hear Sports Guy rant about how he has waited for this moment for his whole life has gotten old... quick. Couple that with the fact every band Wagoner talks about how much the have always loved the Sox, even though the stitching in their new hats is still whiter than fresh snow has made me actually hate Red Sox fans as well. Drew, I know you are making a movie about the Sox, but to see you freaking out was a bit much. I am sure when you were snorting lines of ET's ass, posing for Playboy or stroking off one of the Strokes, you didn't care if Dwight Evans or Marty Barrett were better than Belhorn or Trot Nixon. You didn't build a replica of Fenway Park in your backyard for your wiffle ball games.

You bandwagoners have ruined the moment for true fans, and now you are dangerously close to becoming Yankees 2.

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