Dugouts Are For Sitting

Ack's Yankees-Red Sox post has reminded me of something that's been driving me crazy throughout the playoffs. Every time the Yankees score a run, Derek "Mr. October" Jeter is up on the top stair of the dugout cheering and pumping his fist like a maniac. If the Yankees score and the camera shows their dugout, Jeter runs up the stairs like he's never seen a run scored before. No one else does it. I have seen A-Rod up there a couple times with him, but I'm sure that's mainly because he doesn't want Jeter getting more camera time than he does. The other guys probably realize they play for the Yankees; they had 6 guys hit 20 or more homeruns, they are going to score runs. No need to celebrate each one like it was a series clincher.

So "Jeets", if I may call you that, please stay in the dugout unless it's a important run for your team. Look at your teammates, are they excited? Are they approaching the dugout steps? If so, then by all means join in. We know you're "heart & soul" of the Yankees now that Luis Sojo has retired. A-Rod hasn't over-shadowed you yet so don't worry about it. So do us all (or just me) a favour and sit do most of your cheering from the bench.

@ 9:47 AM, mario kicked the following game:

I agree. The only time I am a fan of athletes jumping around and celebrating is when I see the 12th man (usually some white dude) at the end of a basketball bench. A big basket is scored and he is jumping around, and as an added bonus, usually waves a white towel.


@ 12:52 PM, Mike kicked the following game:

You're not the only one who noticed that Shane. The other thing I've noticed is what a whiner A Rod is. He's been on the umps the whole series and stood there acting right dumbfounded last night when the call at first base was reversed. Yes Alex, even though you make 25 million and are a Yankee the rules still do apply to you.


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