Face to Face, Out in the Heat...

Hangin' Tough, Stayin' Hungry
They Stack the Odds, Still We Take to the Street
For the Kill, With the Skill to Survive...

This is what comes to mind for me when I hear the name Survivior. I remember the 80's rockers that provided us with songs such as "Burning Heart", "The Search is Over", "High on You", and the big Rocky III theme "Eye of the Tiger". Not a bad group. Showed a few flashes of brilliance, but then faded away like many others of their era. Unfortunately, when the name Survivor is mentioned now days most do not think about the band, but instead think of the television show that has been the big hype from the past few years.

I'm sure most of you are quite familiar with what this show is all about. It seems to be very popular with the ladies out there (but I know guys that are just as in to it), and they get wrapped up in it like it's some kind of a sporting event. Heck, there's even office pools dedicated to it. People invite all of their friends over for a big survivor party to see which cast member will be voted off. Oh, the suspense! And it's all so real! That's why it's called "reality tv".

Reality TV, eh? When I was a little kid I thought that wrestling was real. However, I think that by the time I was 8 years old I had figured out that it wasn't. So somebody please explain to me why why grown adults can't figure out that this isn't either. I'll admit that the creators of the show have the set all dressed up very nicely, and the writers do a great job creating intensity and rivalries between the characters, and if I was still 6 years old I may just buy in to it all. These are just actors (very bad ones in most cases) and just like Gilligan's Island wasn't real, neither is this.

Tell me what it is that these people are surviving? Do you really think these contestants just drink unsanitary water and eat fish and berries for weeks at a time? Would they really have the energy to do any of the obstacle courses and other games if that was the case? I'll bet that as soon as the cameras stop rolling they're all carb loading at an all you can eat buffet. Next, they have their hair and make up done by professionals so that they look a bit like they've been in the jungle for days, and yet still keep some sex appeal to help keep viewers interested. If they really want to have a true survivor reality show what they should do is drop all of the contestants off in the middle of the Amazon with no directors, producers, executives or anybody. Give them camcorders and have them do the taping. Which ever contestants make it out of there after a month or two deserve a million dollars. It would be a good idea to put a tracking device on those camcorders though so that the tapes can be recovered if nobody makes it. I think you'd find that these so called "survivors" wouldn't survive for very long.

I'm sick of reality tv. Remember when networks made sitcoms, action shows, dramas and that sort of fictional stuff. How I long for the golden age of television - Magnum PI, Mr. Belvedere, WKRP in Cincinnati, and Perfect Strangers. Now those shows dealt with reality! More reality than this reality tv stuff will ever be, that's for sure.

@ 9:33 PM, mario kicked the following game:

I must admit, I do watch some reality t.v, Mike. One show has really caught my eye, it mixes elements of reality t.v with cheesy 80's bands. If you love 80's music like I do, see "Bands Reunited", Sundays at 9pm on MuchMoreMusic. It attempts to reunite bands for a "one-night" only performance, bands such as; New Kids, Frankie Goes to Holleywood, Berlin, etc...


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