Hockey: Alive and Well

Attention Canadian sports media: We know that the NHL is locked out, and we don't care. You can stop your 24 hour a day coverage on the story now. TSN still has a half hour "That's Hockey" show on every evening, and large amounts of time are spent reporting the story on all of the Canadian sports networks. As we all know, there's really not anything to report and there probably won't be for a very long time. I know most of the reporters in this country work out of Toronto, so perhaps they don't realize that just because the NHL isn't playing that doesn't mean that hockey everywhere else in this country and the rest of the world has stopped.

Many hockey fans, myself included, will continue to enjoy the hockey season because it's business as usual for every other league. Instead of dwelling on the NHL lockout, how about all you sports writers get off your asses and travel around the rest of Canada to see for yourselves. I know the NHL is all high and mighty, but for those of you who don't know, the Canadian University hockey in this country is very high quality. There are also 56 junior teams in the CHL which us real hockey fans will continue to get out to and enjoy. Some cities also have good semi-pro leagues to keep them entertained. I've noticed that the kids in this country also have not stopped playing, so everything is as it should be. The people who want to play hockey are playing, and the people who want to whine about hockey aren't. Perfect.

Here's another newsflash for you: NHL hockey sucks. I might watch about 5 NHL games on TV in a whole season, and pretty much end up regretting it because it's so boring. Maybe the NHL has the world's best players, but they do not have the world's best hockey. Try visiting arenas in Sydney, Moncton, Drummondville, Sarnia, Brandon, Red Deer, and Kelowna. Take note of how much fun the fans are having cheering on their local teams, and how much more of an exciting brand of hockey it is that they're watching as compared to the NHL. The average working parents can also afford to take the family to a game, buy snacks, drinks, and souvenirs, and still not spend a tenth of what an NHL game would have cost them.

So, how about opening up your narrow minds and getting out there to report on the hockey that is being played. Hockey goes on without the NHL, and there are many of us that could care less if the NHL ever comes back.

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