I didn't think that George Sisler's record for hits in a single season was impossible to break. For a long time I thought that one of my all time favorite players, Tony Gwynn, would be the one to do it. He may have done it in '94, but that season was cancelled due to the strike. After Gwynn retired I figured the record would be safe for a while. I didn't see any players that were good enough pure hitters to get 257 hits. The players who have been hitting for a high average in recent years are very selective and take a lot of walks, which limits the number of at bats they have.

Then came Ichiro. No problems with being selective here - he can hit any pitch in any location. I've always been a fan of the scrappy players who can punch out some hits, beat out infield singles, and steal some bases. I think I'm drawn to these types of players because I can't really hit the ball out of the infield, so I have to model my game after them. Ichiro quickly became one of my favorites. He plays the game the way I like to see it played. If he shaved the few whiskers that he has on his chin he could pass for a little leaguer. Everything from his batting stance to his hustle reminds me of watching kids play.

Herohill salutes you Ichiro, the new single season hits champion. I'm sure all of Japan is very proud of you for saving the country's reputation after the disgrace of that fat loser Hideki Irabu.

@ 12:13 PM, Anonymous kicked the following game:

HA HA HA.. fat loser.. gold.
Wasn't quite as gold when my Ranger's picked him up to fill the closer void



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