Is the season over yet?

The Patriots may never lose again. The Red Sox seem destined to hold off the cards and win the fall classic. Sports teams in Boston are playing unbelievably. Well, except of course, my Celtics. They have started out losing 6 of their first 7 in pre-season.

It is only the pre-season, so most people would think that they are just trying to work out rotations, and get people minutes. The stars are just trying to get back in game shape. WRONG. Last night, the Celtics lost to the Cavs and were embarrassed by the on court antics of their leader, Paul Pierce, as he tried to go head to head with King LeBron..

After hitting a fadeaway jumper, Pierce yelled at the subs on the Cavs bench and spit at them. Classy. Who does he think he is, Dwayne Schintzus? Last championship - '86. We just signed Mark "Smoke a" Blount for 8 trillion dollars, to go along with Raef. Those two towers couldn't guard Frodo and Samwise let alone trying to slow down Shaq. Danny Ainge is trading people like they are trading cards. This season has disaster written all over it. Bring back Conlin.

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