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I seriously can't think of any show that sums up reality TV as well as the Surreal Life. A show that lets America watch has been celebs make asses of themselves, as they struggle to keep their names on the tongues of all teenage TV viewers. It is a trainwreck, that no one can stop watching.

Former celebs to grace the show with their presence include:
  • Hammer
  • Webster
  • Vanilla Ice
  • Ponch from CHIPS
  • Corey Feldman

In the only episode I watched, Vanilla Ice was egged on by two females at a Karaoke bar, and jumped on the m-i-c to rock Ice, Ice Baby. He karoaked his OWN SONG. I am sure he probably made more money singing it that night than he did after he got Suge Knighte'd out of the rights to the track.

This season features a former New Kid, Uncle Joey (Dave Coulier) from Full House, Charo, Bridgette Nielson, some Americon Idol reject that I have never heard of and the Flava (PE member Flavour Flav). I wish I could say I am not intrigued by the possibilities for insanity, but I am. Apparently so far, Flav and Sly's ex have been making out, Charo called Nielson a "crazy beach", Dave and Flav argue about driving, and Coulier sleeps in a closet.

Apparently, this week, the go to surf school. Can you imagine Flav surfing? I hate to admit it, but I need to see this non stop gold. I am not sure how it can get better, but I bet it will. Hopefully Chuck D will make a cameo, or Uncle Jesse, or hell, Kimmy Gibbler might have to deliver their KFC (or wherever she is working now).

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