Lesser Of Two American League East Evils

The team with fans slightly less annoying than Yankee fans won the world series, yay! I will admit upfront that I was cheering like crazy for the Red Sox to beat the Yankees. Compared to the Yankees the Red Sox are as lovable as the Bad News Bears. I also didn't mind seeing them win the world series either even though I do have a soft spot for the Cards. I cheered hard for the Cardinals as a youngster and they had some classic teams. Dudes like Terry Pendleton, Willie McGee, Van Slyke, and of course, The Wizard, made it easy to like them. I had a few Cardinals hats as a kid, and Marc, one of Herohill's close associates is still a huge Cardinals fan. So seeing them win wouldn't have been a bad thing either. But the Sox won and it was kind of fun to watch happen. As a sports fan it's always good to see historic moments happen.

But here's the rub, now that the feel-good world series is over, the Red Sox are still the Red Sox. Their fans will still be annoying and we'll be hearing from them all winter. "You can't understand unless you're from Boston!!!" Umm yeah, you hadn't won the World Series for 86 years, I think I understand the issue. But as a Blue Jays fan, the Red Sox winning the world series instead of the Yankees isn't really good news. Having the two best, not to mention richest, teams in baseball in the same division as the Jays doesn't bode well. I don't really see how the Jays are going to compete with these two giants. The Yankees have shown you can win if you have more money than the country of Ecuador and simply buy the best players available. The Red Sox have shown you can win if you have more money than Belize and you spend it wisely. The Jays don't have enough money to vacation in Belize. Since Rogers have taken over they've been concerned with cutting the payroll and making money. But unless you are the Yankees or in their big boys club, you aren't going to win and make money.

So Red Sox fans, enjoy it. The Jays won two in the early 90's and might not get one for 86 years themselves. Some teams have never won it. So rejoice silently for the next few seasons. Unless you're playing the Yankees, then by all means let them know who their Daddy is.

@ 10:47 AM, Mike kicked the following game:

I would like to go on the record as saying that I've always hated the Red Sox as much as the Yankees..probably because back when the Blue Jays were still competitive Boston had decent teams that contended with Toronto, so I felt more of a rivalry with them. The Yankess sucked and only gave Toronto a run for the east division in '85. Needless to say that even though I picked Boston to win I was cheering for St. Louis.
Baseball sucks bad. There's too much of a gap between the rich and the poor. I remember the days when all teams could compete, mainly building through the draft and then adding a couple of key free agents to fill in holes. In the 15 seasons from 1978-1992 a total of 12 different teams won the World Series basically using that formula. With the exception of about 3 players, the whole Red Sox team was bought through free angency and had a 200 million dollar payroll. I hate watching teams like the Expos develop players and then lose them to assholes like the Red Sox just when they are on the brink of stardom.


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