Mike isn't the only one supportin' the hell out of the boss

Do you remember the good ole days, when actors and actresses put out albums, we all got a good laugh and continued on with our days? Whatever happened to the days of Eddie Murphy rocking out with Rick James, Bruce Willis letting you know he was the man, and Russell Crowe making you want to jab pencils into your ears until you were positive you could never hear again?

Today, every pop star is also an actress. Anyone famous can cut an album easier than Esso Steve can cut the cheese. Hillary Duff, the Olsen's, Mandy Moore and countless others are blending the line between pop star and celebrity. Like Adrock they can rap, dance sing in just one show.

Among the numerous great albums released yesterday (Hot Snakes, Tom Waits, Q & Not U, and De La Soul), I happened to notice Minnie Driver released her debut solo album. You might remember her falling the fuck off after Good Will Hunting and practicing for her call back to the Surreal Life 4.

Before Driver landed a role in Circle of Friends, she was actually in a band about to sign to a major (Island records), and she has wanted nothing more (aside from hoping the rumours of a Grosse Point Blank 2 are true) than to be back in the biz. Well with the release of "Everything I've Got in My Pocket", she is back, in pog form.

I will say, I haven't heard this album. I know she is a trained vocalist. I have heard the arrangements are well done, and she has some cats from Pete Yorn's band backing her up and the Wallflowers. Those dudes are probably confused. They went from supporting two effeminate, slightly talented, long haired brunette stars to..um, well the same thing.

There are two reasons I needed to post on this album. One, she chose to cover "Hungry Heart" by the boss. Maybe she asked Bruce to throw her a bone, and he said, "fine, do Hungry Heart." It is one of the Springsteen's weaker tunes, and no member of the Friends cast danced in the video.

Second, one person who has heard it said, "it is Sarah McLaughlin without the sex appeal." Ok, let's take a second to think about that. Sarah McLaughlin is about as sexy as trying to picture your sister in the shower. Ranking behind her is like someone saying, well, he is like an unsexy John Goodman. Minnie Driver is still a good looking woman. The statement leads me to believe the lyrical content of this album is about support stockings, and tricep flab.

Well Minnie, we at Herohill want to wish you luck. It is said this is no MTV crafted album, so we like the risk. We won't buy it, or waste bandwidth downloading it, but none the less, we respect you for taking the bold leap that only hundreds have done before this.

@ 9:00 AM, Mike kicked the following game:

At least when Don Johnson, Jack Wagner, Michael Damien, along with the above mentioned put out albums they got a taste of the novelty, had a minor hit or two, we all laughed, and they went away. These actors now won't give it up. Please just go away. Please!


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