Mike's Baseball Playoff Preview: Round 2

Let's do a quick first round recap. The Braves pull their usual October choke allowing the Astros to win a playoff series for the first time ever. Thirteen straight division titles, one World Series championship - nice playoff record Bobby Cox. The Cards out-classed LA badly and disposed of them quickly. Anaheim's pitching let them down and Boston had an easy time moving into round two. Minnesota had the opportunity to pull the upset on NY, but couldn't hold a lead no matter how big it was. All in all it wasn't a very exciting first round. Hopefully this next round will be more entertaining. Here is how the herohill baseball panel did with their first round predictions:

Mike 4 correct, 0 wrong
Mario 3 correct, 1 wrong
Shane 2 correct, 2 wrong

Here's a preview of the League Championship Series.

Astros VS Cardinals
Houston was lucky to make it out of round 1. Phil Garner did a good job getting the team to this point, but I thought he made some very poor decisions in round 1. He got away with it against Bobby Cox, he won't against Tony LaRussa. Both teams have a great offence, but St. Louis will have an easier time hitting since the wheels will come off this round for Houston's pitching staff. Congrats Astros for avenging the disapointments of playoffs past - Terry Puhl, Jose Cruz, Mike Scott and Glen Davis all thank you. However, a trip to the World Series is in the Cards this year.
Cardinals 4-2

Red Sox VS Yankees
I'm sure we won't all be sick of the hype surrounding this series. The Red Sox were impressive in round 1, but can they stay hot in this round? They start again with Schilling and Martinez but those games are on the road. After that, as bad as the NY starters are, their 3 and 4 starters are better than Boston's 3 and 4. New York has some intangibles on their side obviously with Jeter, Williams, and Rivera who are among some of the all-time great playoff performers. This is a very tough and close series to call. Boston just about pulled it off last year though, and then improved thier team more than NY did in the off-season. I say it'll pay off and the Red Sox visit the World Series for the first time since the nightmare of '86.
Red Sox 4-3

Enjoy the second round everybody. See you again for the World Series preview.

@ 12:50 PM, naedoo kicked the following game:

I don't think I'm getting free lunch thanks to the Twins sh@tting the bed against the Yankees. God damn Pat Borders screwing me over after I gave him such props. Maybe he'll retire now or play for the US olympic baseball team again in 2008. Here's my thoughts anyway:

The Cardinals will beat the Astros. Mike's right, the Cards won't shoot themselves in the foot like the Braves.
Red Sox are due this year and the Yankees pitching is suspect. Plus Ortiz is like a 300 pound Dominican good luck charm.


@ 4:43 PM, mario kicked the following game:

I couldn't agree more. The Sox and Cards are going to win. Now by betting the way Mike does, I can take him down in the World Series Final.


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