Mike's Baseball Playoff Preview

One of my favorite sports events of the year begins on Tuesday - baseball's Divisional Playoffs. The first few days are always great to watch because there are afternoon, supper time, and night games on TV. I enjoy this first round because it is a best of five series which makes for some great excitement and a greater chance for upsets to occur. Here's the first round match ups and my useless opinion on who will prevail.

Astros VS Braves
Houston has been to the playoffs 7 times in franchise history, but have never won a series. The Braves won their 13th straight division title this season and have also eliminated the Astros from the playoffs on three occasions. However, Houston's offence will finally show it can perform in the playoffs and they will win a series for the first time.
Astros 3-1

Dodgers VS Cardinals
Neither team has a big time starter, but both did get good, consistent pitching most of the season from their staff. Since the pitching is pretty even, it comes down to offence. The Cards have the best offence by far and that will put them into the next round.
Cardinals 3-1

Red Sox VS Angels
This will be a very close series. Both teams have a potent offence, with a slight edge going to the Sox. The Angels have decent starting pitching, and possibly the best bullpen in baseball. I have to give the edge the Boston here though due to the fact that Schilling and Martinez start 3 out of the 5 games.
Red Sox 3-2

Twins VS Yankees
Small ball VS long ball. The Twins play a National League style of manufacturing runs with sacrifices and base stealing. The Yankees hit more homeruns this season than any other team in franchise history. Here's what this series boils down to: if the Twins can get wins out of Santana and Radke's starts in the first two games of the series then there will be an upset in the making. As much as I want to pick the Twins in an upset, I can't. The Yankees win one of those two games by a slight margin, and advance again to the ALCS.
Yankees 3-1

Regardless of whether these picks end up correct or not, there will be some great games for all of us to enjoy in this first round - always the most exciting round by far. See you again before the next round.

***The opinions express in this article are Mike's only. herohill.com does not necessarily endorse the opinions of Mike, and does not want his predictions to in any way reflect upon the intelligence level of the other writers on this site should he make a complete ass out of himself***

@ 3:18 PM, mario kicked the following game:

Well Mike, here is what I have to say....

Houston will not win their first series. As much as I hate the Braves, I believe Houston has expended too much just to get there, they will run out of gas. Atlanta, for a team who seems to make the playoffs every year but can't win the World Series, they will win this series. 3-2

Cards over Dodgers, I agree

Red Sox vs. Angels. This is tough, I haven't seen the Angels too much this year and the Red Sox are tough to pick becuase of the whole curse thing. But, I have faith in you and will agree with your prediction.

Twins vs. Yankees. Something is telling me to pick the Twins. There is something I like about them. No one talks about them, ask 10 people and they couldn't name 3 Twins players. I just have this feeling they will win...but everyone wants to see Yanks vs. Red Sox...so I will pick the Yankees, but I have this feeling....

P.S. Do Frank Viola, Kirby Puckett or Kent Hrbak still play for the Twins?


@ 5:19 PM, naedoo kicked the following game:

I have checked the Twins roster, and there is no sign of Frank Viola, Kirby, or Kent. But there was one name that was just as good: Pat Borders. Borders will be catching for a new team every year until he reaches 65 and is forced to retire.

Here is what I think about the MLB Playoff matchups:

Atlanta will win because I hate Clemons.
Cards will win because Miz has suffered long enough.
You are right about Pedro and Schilling, Sox win.
I pick the Twins on principle and the Yanks crap pitching.


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