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Wow, what a great second round it was. Some of the most exciting baseball I've watched in years. I'm not going to do a recap of it because we all watched it, and if you're like me then you're sick of all the analysis from the so called "experts". I wonder if those experts are also 6-0 at picking the series winners this post season. I have decided to just list a few thoughts I had about the two great series.

- First of all I have some advise for Phil Garner. Ask any 10 year old kid who is a fan of the Astros which pitcher they would start if given the choice between Pete Munroe and Roger Clemons and you'll get your answer. That's how easy a decision it was Phil. Nice job letting the Cards off the ropes and giving them the momentum back when you had them right where you wanted them.
-Shane mentioned that everytime the Yankees scored a run that the camera would cut to Jeter pumping his fist at the top of the dugout. Well as annoying as that was, it wasn't as bad as the NLCS. For some reason the cameras felt the need to cut to Phil Garner's wife and Barbara Bush cheering everytime Houston scored.
-Is it just me, or does Houston have the smallest baseball stadium ever. I realize that those were two very offensive teams playing, but every home run in that place looks like a 500 foot shot. Balls were hitting the top of the stadium way up above where people are sitting, hitting the roof, hitting lights. Then you hear that it was really only like 335 feet or something.
-Are the Red Sox fans the biggest losers ever, or what? Did you see them at Fenway crossing their fingers, closing their eyes, praying, putting on the rally caps, looking like they were going to cry. It was pathetic.
-How can it be at all enjoyable to be a Yankees fan? Your team is favored to win, and supposed to win evey year. If they do win you can't take all that much pleasure in celebrating a victory because that's what was expected and supposed to happen. If they lose it's a huge disgrace and total embarrassment... just like this year suckers!
-Was the spazz by Julien Tavarez one of the all-time best or what? From throwing the ball over Bagwell's head and then mouthing off at him, to freaking out and yelling coming off the field, to breaking his hand in the dugout. It was poor sportsmanship at its finest. I hope all the kids out there took notes on how a really good spazz should be thrown because that was text book.
-There was nothing like watching $25 million worth of Yankees pitching acquired during the off season get rocked in game 7. You haven't won in 4 years now George..might be time to add another $100 million to your payroll.
-One last thing...just wanted to know if everyone else got as much pleasure at seeing Roger Clemons take the loss in game 7 as I did.

The World Series should prove to be a classic with these two very historic franchises facing off. St. Louis has put together a terrific season. The Cards offence is among the best I've ever seen. They didn't show up in every game of the NLCS, but did when they needed to. This is a team that won 105 games this year, and it definitely wasn't because of their pitching. I'm really surprised at what a mediocre staff St. Louis has. Lucky for them they have an awesome offence and a good manager because that staff isn't very good at all. The Cardinals will have their work cut out for them against Boston. The pitching staff of the Red Sox really impressed me. I figured after Schilling and Martinez lost then that was it. The rest of the staff really rose to the occasion. Derek Lowe and Tim Wakefield were pretty much terrible in the regular season, and brilliant in the playoffs. The slumping offence also got on track in game 7. These Red Sox are truly a team. If one guy is slumping then somebody else picks him up. They have great chemistry and are gritty on the field. They make every out a tough one for the opposing team to get.

There is no such thing as the curse. The curse is an excuse for sucking. Red Sox fans have hid behind it because they can't admit that their team was not as good as the opposing teams they've played in previous World Series. The Red Sox did well to get to the fall classic in '86, '75 and '67. But look at the teams they had to play: The '86 Mets, '75 Reds, and '67 Cardinals which are all legendary teams filled with hall of fame players. Those teams were all better than your Red Sox that played them. This '04 Red Sox team though is the best in the majors this year and you big ass losers will finally get your World Series. It makes me kind of sick because I hate the Red Sox almost as much as I hate the Yankees.
Red Sox 4-2

@ 6:11 AM, mario kicked the following game:

Who do I think will win? Boston and the city will go nuts! But, I'm looking for a free meal and must therefore pick the Cards. If the Cards win, me and Mike will be tied for the most correct predictions. I guess that means Shane has to buy us each a meal?
So, my prediction? Cards in 7 and Larry Walker will win MVP and dedicate it to Canada and the fans of the Expos.


@ 10:42 AM, naedoo kicked the following game:

Ahh, the Yankees suck, so does Clemons. It was indeed a fun second round. I'm tempted to think the Red Sox will be too spent to beat the Cards, but I still think they will. Woody Williams can't pitch every game. But it appears I can't win either way. I will gladly pay for both of your meals at Buffet Plus. I hear the rice is good there.


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