NBA... it's fantastic

The season is about to start. Lots of player moves (T-Mac to Houston, Shaq to Miami, Nash to Phoenix, Martin to Denver, the Lakers to the outhouse) make the potential shake up of the standings very exciting.

Biggest question on people's minds - How much is Shaq loving moving into Ron Seikaly's former Miami house? Shaq, make sure you check for Sherm Douglas in all the closets.

Can Detroit repeat? There is more chance that episodes of Joey will be repeated in the next couple years.

Can Shaq power Miami to top of the East? Maybe, but all I want to see is what happens on Xmas day when he attacks Kobe.

Will Yao and T-Mac be the best in the West, will Duncan use his beige, bland game to power the Spurs back to the finals, or can anyone stop KG? I think the West is certainly up for grabs, but man, take a look at the Rockets lineup. They have more has-beens and never-weres than any team I can remember.

Will Cuban ever figure out that you need to buy teams, not talent? With the pickup off team cancer Jerry Stackhouse and the loss of Nash, I think not. That team has three players that take more shots than a wedding photographer. How can they alll get the shots they want? We will see.

Can Denver's new lineup up including Kenyon and puff puff pass Carmello carry the 8th place Nuggets to true contender status? Not this year, but they will win some big games.

Will Payton, a class of rooks and a healthy Raef make any difference in Beantown? No.

Will the Craps do anything, except maybe trade Vince. Survey says: NO.

Did White Chocolate think it was 1996 again, going with the butterhead?

EAST - Top (4) Indiana, Miami, Detroit, Washington
WEST - Top (4) San Antonio, Sacremento, Minnesota, Denver

Finals - Indiana, San Antonio
Champs - Indiana

Sleepers - Memphis, Phoenix

Defensive player of the year - Andrew Toney
6 Man -How many Paris Hilton will make it through by the start of the season
Most likley to go nutty - Artest
Most likely do have bad hair - Brent Barry, J-Will
Most likely to annoy me - Paul Pierce/Shaq (if the Heat do anything. I am already tired of his antics and mouth)
Most likely to fade from existence - Boozer in Utah
Most likely to be hurt - Vince.
most likely to write about players that no one cares about to prove a point: Feschuk

@ 9:28 PM, mario kicked the following game:

Just so you know, Los Angeles Stars (ABA) - Signed forward Cedric Ceballos. If he gets picked up by an NBA team, that could change the outlook of the season...


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