Time for another sex tape

Ah Tommy Lee. What happened to you? You went from smoking weed with Craig Foley on the chairlift at Marble Mountain, and having sex with Pamela Anderson and driving a boat with your hog, to the drumline of the Nebraska Marching band. Nothing says heavy metal like a marching band.

Come on man. You were rumored to be with Pink, and working on that horrible riprock act. Now you are launching hotdogs into the crowd and praying to Buddha that NBC picks up your reality TV show (to all the execs at NBC, reality means based on what is real. Tommy Lee attending Nebraska to take classes in Chemistry is not reality).

There must be something better for you out there. You were on Cribs, you had the same hair as that idiot from NSync. You were one of only a select few metal personalities to have videotaped sex with Pam Anderson. Now you'd have trouble getting Pam Wells, or even David Wells.

So, to quote the Clancy Brown in the Highlander, "It is better to burn out than fade away". You have the burnout part down, so just go away.

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