Twinkies, cockroaches and Cher...

These are the only three things that can survive a Nuclear war. Jesus, if I survived and that was all life had to offer me, I'd be finding the biggest cliff to jump off of and slit my own throat on the way down to make sure I was ghost.

This woman has been passed around to half rate celebs and rockers like she was a bottle of malt liquor. I am sure more pseudo celebrities have seen her naked than any of the Fleiss girls. To make sure no one has been excluded for seeing in her birthday suit, Cher wants to pose naked for a magazine.

Cher is turning 60 this year, well at least parts of her are. She has had more work done on her than an '82 Pinto, so it is a safe bet the things on her that is really 60 won't be shown in these pics. I'm not an expert on 60 year old breasts, but the usually go down like Glass Joe... I mean Peter McNeeley.

I know everyone has these fantasies about celebs, and seeing the paparazzi shots are cutting edge stuff, but this is CHER. She was passed her prime years ago when Richie Sambora was feathering his hair and telling her he'd call.

One last thing, Cher, the acupuncture you are on to stop the aging process has a name... "botox".

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