We Invented Batteries

I enjoy learning new things. I enjoy learning new things even more when said things are about my beloved country, Canada. Lewis Urry, the man who invented the alkaline battery, died last week at 77. I was surprised to learn that he was Canadian. He was born in Pontypool, Ontario and went to the U of T before starting work at National Carbon Co. I just barely managed to find out this information as the story was a small footnote in the news. Am I wrong or is the battery not a pretty crucial invention? You'd think it would be bit more of a story in the Canadian news. After all, without batteries, where would we be? Christmas morning wouldn't be the same for kids, big or small. What about remote controls? Life without remote controls would be radically different. Sure, we might not be as fat, but it wouldn't be as leisurely.

Like most great Canadians, Urry eventually moved to the States to ply his trade. He moved to Ohio and became a US citizen, but that doesn't matter. We should still lay claim to him. Canadian kids need to know about people like this. We'll never get over our colossal inferiority complex if we let the States take credit for people like this.

Now Jim Carrey on the other hand, you can keep him.

@ 8:48 AM, Mike kicked the following game:

Perhaps if Mr. Urry was in the top 10 for CBC's "The Greatest Canadian" voting then it wouldn't be as big of a farce as it is. By the way, Don Cherry currently sits in 7th place ahead of great Canadians such as Sir John A. MacDonald and Alexander Graham Bell. Nice to know what us Canadians consider greatness to be.


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