And you thought the Expos got screwed...

Well it has been 10 years since the Expos were in first place and on their way to a World Series and then the strike came about. Mike's greatest Canadian sports moments (see below) hilighted that along with many other great Canadian sporting moments.

Well, that got me thinking. I too will contribute to Mike's list, but one team often gets shafted when talking about the "Expos getting Screwed". It was the same year, 1994, the Expos were kicking ass, and I was so happy rooting for them. During the same year, I was also rooting for the Halifax Windjammers. Who you ask? They were a basketball team who played in the WBL and NBL (World and National Basketball leagues). In 1994 they too were in first place. They sported a healthy 15-6 record and I thought they had the tools to win it all. The were beating teams like the; Cape Breton Breakers, Saskatoon Slam and Montreal Dragons. They were riding high then my dream became a nightmare. The league disbanded on July 9th prior to the conclusion of the season. This just happened to be before the Expos got screwed. Well hey!!! The Windjammers got screwed as well. No one remembers them.

Anyway, that should be on the list as well, especially for us die hard Halifax basketball fans who have no real basketball to cheer for. I did root briefly for the SMU Huskies when Les Barry was on the coaching staff. So, with that being said, here are a few more notible entries to the list, in no particular order.

a) Kurt Browning becomes the first person to land a Quadruple Toe Loop in figure skating competition.

b) The Montreal Machine enter the WLAF (World League of Football)

c) The Canadian Baseball League folds last summer after 2 months of operation.

d) The Vancouver Whitecaps defeat the Tampa Bay Rowdies 2-1 to capture the North American Soccer League title.

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