Eminem is maturing... or is he?

Good old Eminem. Growing into a role model for his daughter. In recent reports, he has decided that he will never again use the "n" word in a song. I assume that means he is still going to say it freely outside of the studio, but that is still TBD.

The term baby steps applies, because although he won't use racial slurs, he still feels it is ok to use homophobic slurs like faggot in his records. After all, that is just name calling. Luckily he saved face by sampling Martika's toy soldiers in his new jam.

In other hip-hop shockers, Jay-Z and R. Kelly had to cancel their North American tour as a reuslt of squabbles over tour issues. Apparently R. Kelly felt there was not enough urinating on chicks, eating underage ass or sex tapes being filmed. More shocking is that Jay-Z did an album with this menace.

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