Everyone Loves an Election

Or should I say everyone loves to talk about an election. Not sure if you've heard about it, but the American Presidential election is tomorrow. But I'm sure you have. You couldn't ignore it if you tried, especially in the last couple weeks as the election madness has reached a fever pitch. I haven't said much about it here, mainly because there's been so many other important things to cover. Baseball, 80's hip hop, prank emails - all very important stuff. But mainly I haven't talked about it because I'm not taking part in it. I'm not American, and I'm not voting tomorrow, so there's not much for me to opine on.

But what fun would that be right? I know the loyal readers of the hill are all dying for my opinion, so here it comes. I think the case here is pretty cut and dried. Bush has done a crap job. I think if people could put partisanship and the emotions stirred up by fear, patriotism, and religion aside and examine his record on a rational level, most would decide he hasn't done well as Commander-In-Chief. Let's look at it another way. What if Dubya were CEO of a company and the American public were all on the board of directors voting to renew his contract, would they vote yay or nay? Unless you're in the small circle of people whose pockets he's fattening, I'm thinking nay. You wouldn't vote for him because you "feel safer with him running the company" some such nonsense. You'd want to see results. You'd cast your vote based on the direction the company is heading, and right now America Inc. seems to be headed to a bad place.

But America's not all bad. I enjoy a number of US exports (NFL, NBA, Hip Hop, Simpsons, etc.) so I'm going to give America the benefit of the doubt. It may be foolish, but I think enough Americans can clearly see what's going on, and I think enough of them will vote for John Kerry to give him the victory. So yes you heard it here first, I am predicting a Kerry win unless Bush and his boys come up with some election shadiness again. But let me say this America, if the vote goes down fair and square and you put Bush back up in there, I will be disappointed. I will never again give the USA the benefit of the doubt, so the American people better think long and hard about that when they head to the polls.

@ 7:45 AM, Mike kicked the following game:

Well said. I'm still bitter that President Bush never did email Shane back to let him know if Dick Charlie was actually the one running the country.


@ 5:03 PM, mario kicked the following game:

Hey, our Canadian dollar is at a 6 year high...maybe 4 more years of Bush could make it even stronger???


@ 9:08 PM, mario kicked the following game:

Our dollar has risen to a 6 year high. 4 more years of Bush may make it even higher. Plus, where is the love for Ralph Nader, he's my underdog pick.


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