Raptor rant

Week one of the Raps, and I have to admit I am impressed. Went to the Pistons game on Friday night. The Pistons are the class of the East, and have a huge front line (Wallace, Wallace, Prince and old man Campbell). Usually this spells disaster for the Raps, but they seem to be playing hard for their new coach.

Loren Woods chipped in 13 boards. They ran, they took good shots. One thing I love is that Mitchell is not afraid to sub five guys at a time, like he is Grant Walsh. The scrubs were on fire, so he let them play. Matt Bonner got the crowd hyped with a two hand put back jam and the bench made solid contributions.

Vince stepped up in the last 5 minutes like a star is supposed to do. Bosh looks way more aggressive, and you can tell he played a lot over the summer. Rafer is pushing the ball, and is cash on the open J's (something that the raps have been missing for a while now).

The game on Sunday was the same deal. The defensive intensity is high, the effort is unreal. So far this year, the Raps aren't standing around watching Vince post up at the foul line extended. They are moving the ball crisply on O, and other than Mo Pete, no one is standing around. I like what I am seeing.

The bad? Well, one thing is, despite the hustle, people are getting lost on D. Billups was torching the Raps with WIDE open threes. He was the only person doing anything, yet he was always wide open.

Another thing is Milton. Yes, he made some buckets against Detroit. Yes, he is being aggressive, but hot damn my man, you need to learn your role. Driving in and getting your shit tossed three times by Darius "perfect score" Miles is not what the Raps need from the back-up 1.

But 3-0. Suck on that Feschuk.

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