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Mario and I have both been through many highs and lows over the years as fans of the Miami Dolphins. It's been extremely frustrating to say the least. The team has not had a losing season since 1988, but all of the regular season success over the past 20 years has not translated in to playoff success. The last super bowl won by the Dolphins came a year before we were born. Among the biggest disappointments that I can recall since their last super bowl appearance in 1984 are the 1993 season when Miami beat Dallas, the best team in the league at the time, on thanksgiving to start the season 9-2, and then lost the last 5 games and missed playoffs all together. There was also the disgraceful 62-7 loss to Jacksonville in the 1999 playoffs, never being able to beat Buffalo when the Bills were the AFC powerhouse, and seeing Dan retire without a super bowl ring.

This season will go down as the worst regular season performance of all time. It is sad to watch such a historic franchise play so poorly. It is obvious to me that this generation of players does not understand or respect the teams that came before them who only had two losing seasons since 1970. If they did, they wouldn't be losing games the way they did yesterday to Arizona at home. Larry Csonka's Dolphins wouldn't have done it, Dan Marino's Dolphins wouldn't have done it, and I'm very surprised that Zack Thomas's Dolphins are doing it. I've been a big fan of yours Zach, but I've got to question your leadership when the team is playing with no heart. This is unacceptable, no matter how bad the offence is.

I realize that the off season was a circus, and I knew that this season was not going to be pretty. Yes, we almost had Dan back as part of the franchise, only to see him resign a week later. Then, of course, Ricky let all his teammates down just before the start of training camp. And we can't forget that Dave Wannstedt, the reigning worst coach in the NFL, should never have been back this season. BUT SUCK IT UP!!!! All of those things that happened are not an excuse to play football worse than a pee wee team! You gave up before the season even began because of what happended in the off season. We knew that you weren't going to be good, but this is a disgrace. Have some respect for the jersey that you're playing in, for the players who were there before you were, and for the fans. I've been through tough times as a Dolphins fan, but I can honestly say for the first time that I'm ashamed and embarrassed of a Dolphins team. If you were playing with intensity and trying to win then I could accept the 1-8 record. But when you don't care and tarnish the traditions of the franchise you're representing I have a real problem with that.

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As a Saints fan, I feel your pain. I will admit I felt a little hint of joy upon hearing Crazy Ricky retired. After so many Dolphins fan said "Thanks for Ricky Williams" to me the last couple years I had to at least smile when the inevitable meltdown came.

But now that the Saints suck again, I'm back to saying nothing to anyone about their favorite teams. In this age of "parity" in the NFL I guess it means you're going to sink quick and go back up quick. But as the Saints have sunk and stayed down, I hope the Dolphins rise again.

Haslett will be available soon if you need a coach.


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For the record, the Dolphins signed Bill Grammatica to replace the injured Olindo Mare. Bill missed an extra point convert and the Dolphins lost 24-23.


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