Do The Williams

So the big trade is now a few days old and everyone's had a chance to reflect/bitch about it. Vince has finally spoken and professed no ill will towards the Raps, but he says he's going to make many people eat their words when the time is right (Does that sound familiar to anyone else? Seems like I've heard that before, but I digress).

I'm still not sure if there's a consensus on whether it was a good or bad deal for the Raps, but I think that most people feel they might have gotten a bit more for the man formerly know as Air Canada (Who will assume that nickname now? I think we should bestow it ironically on Rafael Araujo).

And who knows, they might be right. It seems Mourning is not going to play in Toronto, and they may just buy him out. But Eric and Aaron Williams are on board and both played on Monday against the Rockets. The Raps also have Alvin Williams on their roster even though knee surgery will probably keep him out for the year. This means that the Raptors have more players named Williams on their roster than any other team.

Does this make them better in any way you ask? Based on the spanking they took against the Rockets, clearly it does not. But I remember a Sports Illustrated article from the early 90's that talked about all the players named Williams in the NBA at that time. There were a lot more Williams in the NBA back then (based on my count from, Smith has overtaken Williams as the most common name), but even then I don't think there was a team with 3 Williamses. So maybe we can count one positive that's already come out of the trade. Or maybe not. But they have no players with the last name Carter now, and that is a positive.

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