Hipsters of the world... UNITE!

Spin's Cristen Thomas posted a great article about Vice Records latest successes (Death From Above 1979, the Panthers and the overrated group Vietnam). The opening quote lured me in:

"Hipsters are easy. Get enough of them together and feed them enough shitty beer, and you can convince them of pretty much anything. A year ago they were wearing trucker hats, for fuck’s sake. But hipsters are also fickle. Once they catch a whiff of a fashion, band or bar becoming remotely mainstream, they are drawn to the next "shiny" object. Peddling culture to these ambassadors of New York City cool is a dicey proposition, but Vice is trying its hand at becoming the go-to destination for the Next Cool Thing."

While it is a funny statement, no one can deny that, I'd say writing about hipsters and how much you hate them is the most hipster thing going. I am sure anyone writing for Spin probably thinks they are hipper than sliced bread. Not too many people sign up to write for Spin just hoping for their one chance to interview Matchbook 20 or Hilary Duff. It would be the equivalent of opening a record store hoping to sell only Top 40 records. If that is how you thought, you'd just work at HMV.

In sadder news, the Godfather of Soul, James Brown has developed prostate cancer. Having had the pleasure of seeing the man perform, and not only liking his great music, but the countless hip hop jams that sampled his funk (EPMD - the Big Payback... nuff said), I hope he battles through this. The world needs the crazy antics of JB.

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