The Phrase Eurotrash Exists For A Reason

When I think of Europe, I always think of all these historical, civilized countries with such disparate cultures living harmoniously side by side. It seems I need to adjust my thinking somewhat.

In the latest example of European racial intolerance, some Russian fans in St. Petersburg threw bananas on the ice to taunt Canadian Anson Carter as he played for a touring all-star team. The article also lists some of the incidents that have taken place in European soccer recently, with fans in various countries taunting black players.

Throwing bananas on the ice, not a very cool thing to be doing. I know Russia has probably had less immigration then other countries, but that's no excuse. If you want to be taken seriously as a major player in world affairs, I certainly think your society needs to be to able to accept people of other races. But Russia's not the only offender. Seriously, how civilized can Spain be if people are making monkey noises when black players touch the ball? Why are all these people in Europe obsessed with comparing black people to monkeys? Can't they get some better learning from all their fancy old books? Europe may have all kinds of art and culture, but they still have people acting like morons at public sporting events.

Say what you will about the USA and all their crazy war-mongering, but can you imagine someone throwing a banana on the ice when Anson Carter is playing in Boston or Chicago? I'm not naive enough to think racism isn't still a major factor in the US, but I think they've gotten to a point where public displays of racism are not cool. Obviously people in those European countries feel that enough people share their viewpoint that they can pull some racist stunt at a major public event and get away with it. I'd like to think that's not the case over here, and I'm glad for it.

@ 7:16 AM, Mike kicked the following game:

Carter is and always has been a class act. He's not letting these assholes bother him.


@ 12:46 PM, Big A kicked the following game:

Really good point about that not happening in the States. I only recently heard about the banana incident and was shocked at the level of intolerance and total lack of sophistication displayed by the Russians. I'm sure they don't represent all Russians, though. Or at least I hope so.

We had a similar, although not as disgusting, scenario in Vancouver at the 2005 Junior Men's World finals (whatever they're called) when the Canadian crowd booed the American anthem. There was a great outcry by pretty much everybody in the city the following day about how vulgar their behaviour was and that it didn't represent how Canadians feel about their neighbour.

I'm sure that if somebody threw a banada here (besides the fact that he had been a Vancouver Canuck player for the past few years), they would get their butt kicked before security escorted them away.


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