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The 20th class to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has been announced. The ceremonies, which will take place on March 14, will give a very deserving group of artists and builders their rightful place in rock history among the other great legends. The inductees this year in the performers category will be soul singer Percy Sledge, vocal group The O'Jays, blues legend Buddy Guy, rock band The Pretenders, and rock's greatest act from the past 25 years - U2.

It's hard to believe that U2 have been cranking out albums for 25 years. U2's music, for the most part, has received a rare combination of critical acclaim and commercial success. Their sound is unique and incomparable. The echoed guitar sound of the Edge, the driving bass lines of Adam Clayton, the rhythms of one of rocks great drummers Larry Mullins, and the knack of being able to captivate an audience provided by front man Bono made the band arena rock giants.

U2 is a band who has not been afraid to experiment with different sounds. If you didn't know U2 at all and listened to 1983's War and 1993's Zooropa it would likely be a shock that the two albums are by the same band. These experiments have not always been well received, but U2 have never made excuses for any failures and have always responded with something bigger and better. As a fan I am impressed that their latest two albums have returned to the rock style that was so prominent during the 80's when they were saving us rock fans from the synthesized pop acts and hard rock hair bands of the era.

It will be interesting to see what artist will do the welcoming speech for U2. Bono has done it for other incoming artists on several occasions, including very memorable speeches for Bob Marley and Bruce Springsteen. The bartender better make sure to stock Guinness and Caffrey's for this reception. The Hall of Fame is a deserved tribute, and I'm glad that U2 will be part of my Hall of Fame experience when I eventually visit.

@ 3:35 PM, ack kicked the following game:

arrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh. Bono will probably spend 25 minutes talking about the injustice of people downloading music when they could be helping the trash war in Springfield.
I hate this band, but I was glad to see Budy Guy get inducted.


@ 9:10 PM, Mike kicked the following game:

Somehow I figured that I held a higher opinion of U2 than you do Ack...don't know why, but that did cross my mind as I wrote this article. We can still be friends though. We both enjoy a good Bobby Pace story, so atleast we'll always have that bond.


@ 5:54 PM, ack kicked the following game:

haha.. you are a wise man my friend. But, as we agree to disagree on this point, we can agree that John Robert Pace is the man.

Leh-mon.... thanks Bono


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