Always Check Your Brain for Nails

I Saw this article on today and had to share. Some construction guy in Colorado had his nail gun backfire and shoot a 4 inch nail up through the roof of his mouth and into his brain. That's not even the amazing part of the story, apparently he didn't even realize this had happened. He harpooned his brain with a 4 inch nail and had no idea. He didn't find out about it until he went to the dentist because he thought a toothache was causing the searing pain in the side of his face. That would have been one of the rare moments when I would've loved to have been a dentist: "The good news is your teeth are looking great, the bad news is that you have a 4 inch nail sticking in your brain".

Make sure you go and read the story to seethe X-ray, the nail is enormous, no idea how that is even possible. Pretty funny until you realize he had a 4 hour operation to remove it and is facing $100,000 in medical bills without medical insurance (guy, move to Canada before shooting your brain with a nail again). But it's not all bad news: "The doctors said, `If you're going to have a nail in the brain, that's the way you want it to be.' He's the luckiest guy ever." Lucky indeed.

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