Don't Go Near the Water

I can still remember sitting there in Mr. Wicks grade 8 class in total denial, trying to come up with some type of explanation on how steroids could have been found in Ben Johnson's system. After all, he wouldn't have knowingly taken them himself. It was only days after Johnson had made us the proudest nation in the world by kicking Carl Lewis's ass in the 1988 Olympics. My friend Allan offered his theory on the scandal. He said that Johnson had received a mysterious drink at his hotel room the morning before the big race. For the past 17 years my friends and I have all been making fun of that preposterous explanation. Well, it seems that after all this time Big Al might have been right. Apparently these types of conspiracies do exist in sports.

The Brazilian Soccer Confederation asked FIFA to investigate allegations that their players were drugged by their Argentine opponents during their 1990 World Cup semi-final match. It seems that after some of the Brazilian players drank from water bottles offered to them by their opponents they felt dizzy. Argentina's coach at the time, Carlos Bilardo, has added fuel to this by saying he doesn't know if that didn't happen.

This is a wild story. It's like something out of Sport Goofy or Looney Tunes. Who drinks from water bottles offered to them from another team? That has never happened to me, but if it did back in my minor hockey days I would be wise that the other team spit in it first or did something worse and refuse it. How does that conversation go anyway? "Hey my Brazilian rival...that water from Brazil is polluted and slowing you down. Try some of this Argentine's very refreshing". I'm sure Maradonna fixed a special water for his own teammates with reverse effects of what they were supplying to their opponents.

Anyway, the moral of this story for all you kids out there is never drink anything given to you by the member of another team. Even if you're 10 years old playing Atom House League and your best friend is on the opposite team and offers you a drink, don't take it. Look at all the grief it had caused the Brazilian soccer team as well as Ben Johnson. And to Allan, wherever you are my friend, I'm sorry for doubting you.

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